Friday, 28 April 2017

This years Mother's Day Hampers come in various sizes, colours and combinations.

A mix and match of Mariah & Sham's accessories, gifts and flowers, with favourites from Marks & Spencer, TWG, Crabtree and Evelyn etc are available at packages of $89, $129 and $170.

Contact us at 90065763 for more enquiries and orders. You may also leave messages on our Facebook and Instagram.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Last week, we styled the wedding of our lovely couple, Faiz & Nadia.
They wanted rich colours...
and so we gave them a combo of burgundy, gold, bronze, organic green and black.

We wish them a fulfilling life together, 
and may they be blessed with plenty of love and blessings always....

That's our bronze cake stand in action there. Available only at Verandah East.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Join us on Facebook

Events have always kept us busy.
What more with a new shop to man.

Apologies for our lack of updates.
We're active on FB though.
So do join us there @ Mariah & Sham for our regular updates.

We'll be holding and announcing more workshops:

Scrapbooking fun 
Storytelling sessions
Soap making workshop

Floral workshop
Soap making workshop
Embroidery workshop

We'll also be announcing our Wedding 2016 Open House soon.

Meanwhile, we've got more new items in store.
Come visit us on Mondays 5-8 pm and Fridays 3-5 pm.

Unpacking in progress
 We've also launched our Perfumery French Vintage collection of fine favors.
Everyone is welcome to view and order them every Monday at 5-8pm at Verandah East.
All fully paid orders made by October 2015 are entitled to promotional rates :)

Verandah East : Vibes @ East Coast, 308 Telok Kurau Road.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 29 June 2015

In-house event concierge and spatial styling

Indulge with an intimate group of family and friends, at Verandah East's pop-up Tea Salon. 

To find out more about our venue rental and in-house styling packages,
please email us at

Have a great midweek everyone :)


Intimate and private events - II

Verandah East,
a cosy little shop secretly tucked away in the quaint Telok Kurau neighbourhood,
was temporarily transformed into an intimate birthday venue for Kids.


Intimate and private events - I

We recently had a fine, masculine and casual intimate celebration at Verandah East.

If you'd love to have one for someone special...your dad, husband, son, brother....
you're most welcome to enquire at
We offer space rental and/or event concierge....

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

In our search for vintage inspiration, we stumbled upon an archive of our late grandfather's letters and documents. Mariah and I took some time to 'get to know' him a bit more, from the remnants we found, and we were astounded by his achievements, talents and contributions.

Ayah Tok was an accomplished man who preferred to stay below radar. We couldnt find much of him in the national archives...but from his personal letters and correspondences, we realized how well loved, highly respected and important he was, amongst the people who knew him - leaders, presidents, royalties and the many poor or underpriviledged people he helped.

Hailing from a poor family, he went on to study at Raffles and dabbled in so many things thereafter. He was wholesome - flourishing as a highly decorated administrator in the secular arena, yet well known for his religiousness, piety and integrity. He was intellectual, yet artistic. He was classy, yet non-elitist and unostentatious. He was capable and talented, yet grounded and gracious. He was generous and kind. He was awesome. Many of us, his grandchildren, still know so little about him...but I guess that's enough to inspire.

As for Mariah and I, we want Verandah East to be just like that...beautiful, authentic and wholesome. It's a journey for us. We hope to cherish the moments...and create lots of wonderful memories with family, sincere friends, clients, biz collaborators, supporters and like-minded individuals who appreciate true beauty, in all its forms. #feelingreflective

Ayah Tok's vintage invite. It couldnt get more authentic than this, for us.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Floral Buffet - Eid Workshop

Source : Mariah & Sham {Sham's adventure at Arundel Castle}

Enter our secret garden.
Rejuvenate amidst lush beautiful flora, soothing music and great company.
Inspired by our love for the raw beauty of wild gardens in the rustic french provence,
we're bringing you a workshop that delves
 into the beautiful art of freestyle floral arranging.

We believe that flowers are best showcased natural and unmanicured,
almost as if they'd just been picked off mother nature, 
raw, beautiful and authentic....
styled in harmony with their surroundings.

If you share our passion,
register for our Floral Buffet Workshop
to learn the basics of floral handling
and to discover the art of creating natural bouquets and arrangements.

Workshop I 
                                                  Date           : 11th July 2015 (Saturday)
                                                  Time           : 3pm - 5pm
                                                  Venue          : Verandah East
                                                                      308 Telok Kurau Rd. Vibes @ East Coast
                                                  Fee             : $50 per participant
                                                  Register at   : mariahnsham@hotmail.comor whatssap 93890917
                                                  Closing date : 21st June 2015

Workshop II
                                                  Date            : 12th July 2015 (Sunday)
                                                  Time            : 2pm - 4pm
                                                  Venue          : Verandah East
                                                                      308 Telok Kurau Rd. Vibes @ East Coast
                                                  Fee              : $50 per participant
                                                  Register at    : or whatssap 93890917
                                                  Closing date  : 21st June 2015
All participants will also have the exclusive priviledge to shop,
from our buffet of gorgeous vases and votives, 
and create their own Eid arrangements,
from a vast selection of premium quality faux flowers, 
fresh blooms and potted plants.

Early birds who register by 1st June will receive an exclusive Mariah & Sham door gift.

Do come and join us :)

Source : Ken Wallace

Monday, 18 May 2015

Friday, 15 May 2015


 It is with great pleasure that we at Mariah & Sham, Hazworkz and Bleu 
are announcing the soft launch of our maiden store, 
Verandah East.

From the bottom of our hearts,
we'd like to thank all who've supported, encouraged and prayed for us all these years.
Especially to all our past clients who trusted us and became our friends, 
and our families and friends,
thank you so much.....

Verandah East is a lifestyle concept store theming with activities for young and old.
 Here's a line up of just some of our upcoming activities :

Pre-opening Sale (yes today!)
 Sale of items, new and restored, before our grand opening
Date : Saturday 16th May
Time : 5pm to 9pm

Floral Buffet
A new concept by Mariah & Sham......
putting floral workshop and buffet style floral shopping together.
Verandah East will be brimming with flowers, both fresh and faux, 
as well as gorgeous vases collected from all over the world, 
for your learning and shopping pleasure.
 At $50 per session, participants will learn 
the basic and unique techniques of floral artistry.
Participants will also enjoy exclusive priviledges 
to purchasing in-store vases and flowers
for their own take-home floral assemblies.
 Opening : 10 participants only, on a first-come-first-served basis.
Registration : Please register your interest at before 20th May.
Workshop Date : Saturday 30th May
Workshop Time : 3pm - 5pm 

Bake Sale
A lively yet intimate bazaar of gorgeous pastries and treats
Date and time to be announced.
June Kids' Activities
1. Scrapbooking fun with Mariah & Sham
Date and time to be announced.

2. Arabic / Jawi writing for beginners, with Hazworkz
Date and time to be announced.

Syawal Sale
Sale of merchandise and launch of Verandah East's in-house merchandising, 
ranging from home decor to scents and gifts.
Date and time to be announced.
 Art Exhibition
A showcase and sale of artworks by Hazworkz.
Date will be announced.

Online Shopping and Gifts Registry
Will be launched and announced.

Venue Rental and Intimate Events
Verandah East will open its doors for rental by businesses, trainers and public.
It will also cater to in-house hosting requests for bespoke tea parties etc.
Details of rental and hosting services will be announced.

So do look out for our announcements and ever-changing / seasonal storescaping. 
We'll bring you fresh ideas with various space styling, shopping and activities at Verandah East.

Come on down for a sneak peek today.
We're not done renovating and styling it yet,
but we've opened our doors just this weekend,
for the pre-opening sale.
All are welcome :)

308 Telok Kurau Road
Vibes @ East Coast
Singapore 423858

Monday, 4 May 2015

NUSS Guild House

Here's another Laduree inspired number.
Thanks to our lovely couple Hidayat and Faizah, 
for being so trusting and encouraging.
We wish you both a beautiful life together.....

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

French and Laduree Inspired

Fine favors, designed more than a year ago, 
 because our gorgeous couple hunted us down, 
much earlier than their actual wedding day. Lol

 Finally their big day is just around the corner....

Another Beachfront Wedding at Gurame

 Congrats to our lovely couple Azhar & Nurhannah.
May your union be blessed....