Friday, 13 August 2010

We're featured on Martha Stewart's "Dreamers into Doers"!

So this was indeed a great deal for us, cos it was beyond our expectations, at least at this point in time. I mean who are we kidding? Martha and her team are the gold standard for fine living, crafts, weddings, gardening, decorating and entertaining!

We've always loved our community of Dreamers into Doers because they all share our passion for all things beautiful...and most importantly, they believe in sharing ideas, success and motivation. They encouraged us and appreciated our strengths and capabilities. The feelings are mutual.

So when we shared our newest project with the rest of our members, we were expecting some constructive feedback from them. Little did we know, our pics had been picked up by the organisers and then one of it featured...much to our delight :)

It was a great thing for us cos the feature served as a seal of approval. Not something for us to flaunt, we feel, but something we can use as a yardstick for our standard. That is to say that our work has met their standard and quality. So at least we know for sure we're headed in the right direction...

Furthermore, seeing that we're always quite passive (infact almost inert) when it comes to marketing or advertising our biz, such an attention and endorsement mean even a lot more to us. It reaffirms our belief that if our work is good, people, mostly strangers, will notice us and come to us. This process may gain us slow popularity, but we're striving towards having a meaningful and trustworthy business.

So this is no reason to be all heady (but yup cant deny we're still screaming in delight). We will move ahead and test new waters. Push our limits. Innovate. Inspire. Make new friends.

So once again, thanx Liza for the opportunity :) We may have been strangers before, but we've surely forged a new friendship now.

And thanx to Martha and team! You'll see more of us, definitely :)

Ouh yea and so here's the link to our feature in Martha Stewart

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  1. Many many hearty congratulations on your success.. and you deserve it by alllllll means. your work is tremendously gorgeous and done till perfection.. beautiful... i am so thrilled.. I came out to discover a couple of inspirations for the eid table.. but what i found is speechless... I am posting and mentioning about you guys tonight.. and if u guys allow il also forward your pix to other dessert tabe designers blog.. you guys deserve tons of eposure.. coz no doubt the work is lovely... but you have to tell me all the secrets.. i reently atempted my first bday dessert table... for which i worked day n night.. but it didnt turn out quite well.. any advice... do pop over to my blog to view your mention.. :)