Sunday, 30 September 2012

Syah & Jannah

We recently had the pleasure of styling the wedding
of a beautiful, classy, fun and gorgeous couple, Syah and Jannah.

For their intimate solemnization reception,
we strove to produce a sleek modern anglo-asiatic look
using only white, purple and green.

We studied the designated venue, and found, to our delight,
a simple and open function hall with beautiful french windows,
beautiful padded walls and sleek cornices.
Covering up the hall with too many props would shamefully conceal it's natural beauty.
So, typically Mariah & Sham, we worked our styling into the venue...
to hopefully elicit a look that is cosy, intimate and simple,
yet not simplistic and underdone.
To achieve this, we decided to use only minimal but quality props.
We used topiaries, tulips and orchids as flora.
These species are classy, sleek and luxuriant... able to carry their own weights.
In history, tulips for instance,
 were seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence in the Ottoman empire.
They are also often the subject of poems and romance
 in many cultures spanning from Persia to France.
It is not difficult to fathom then, why they are exorbitant.
Exotic orchids, when used well, can be very classy and mesmerizing.
Topiaries, needless to say, are just simply gorgeous!

We used only fine tulle to dress the already gorgeous french windows.
This was matched with our own-made fresh topiaries and romantic fresh tulips.
Here, we used the elegant orchid - with it's sleek relenting branches and distinctive charming blooms - against a clean and pure backdrop of cream padded corniced walls.
The  lanterns were then deliberately placed to match the orchid buds.
The setup for a fresh and intimate reception.

For their solemnization, we worked on a slightly different look. 
Still minimalistic, yet slightly more parisian....

Given Jannah's good taste,  her house walls are already beautifully panelled.
So we decided to leave the walls as they were...
instead we placed the value of our trademark photography isle
on a laduree-inspired personalised monogram keepsake.
As simple as the setup may look, a lot of careful thought was put into it.
 We commissioned Haz Workz to produce the canvas monogram for us,
with the colours matching our soft-egg-blue vase,
our white furnishing and our classy gold standing lamp.
He did a marvelous job as usual.
And eventually, for their main dinner reception at the Furama City Centre Hotel,
we chose a modern classy botanical theme for them.
We had tall plants and more than fifty floral arrangements
placed throughout the contemporary looking grand ballroom...
 although admittedly, only few pictures of our arrangements were taken,
given the lack of time.

At this juncture, we would like to thank
our good friend Alfee Mohd for his gorgeous photography.
We simply love his beautiful artistic angles....

A contemporay french-botanical isle flanked by personalised laduree-inspired monograms,
 against a botanical backdrop of fresh flowers and giant pine trees.
We were so adamant on using our panels, we carried all 10ft of them up the stairs, five storeys high.
The heavy fountain and giant pine trees were something else altogether.
But no worries, dont feel bad for us.... we had fun doing it, given our fun and crazy crew. (Thanks guys!! :))

The Thank You card - which we produced in multi colours, to match our array of flora - placed on every guests's napkin
Embroidered monogram handkerchiefs we made for both bride and groom...for that personal touch, and of course, added details...

Finely picked fresh flora.
Lavender, hydrangeas, orchids, baby's breath, wild picks
and exorbitant blooms like tulips, amaryllis, bergenia, freesias and ranunculus just to show the least....

Thanks to Jannah & Syah and family, for their great trust and support.
 We hope they have loved every moment of that special day....
And for the lovebirds, may they be blessed with a beautiful life together always. Amin.

And to our crew, a million thanks for all the fun,
laughter, dedication, focus and memories. 
Now on to our next project ;)

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