Tuesday, 21 April 2015

French and Laduree Inspired

Fine favors, designed more than a year ago, 
 because our gorgeous couple hunted us down, 
much earlier than their actual wedding day. Lol

 Finally their big day is just around the corner....

Another Beachfront Wedding at Gurame

 Congrats to our lovely couple Azhar & Nurhannah.
May your union be blessed....

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Classy bohemian at burkill

We had the pleasure of doing another burkill hall event.
It was for our gorgeous couple Lisa and Carlos.
 They're both of mixed heritages, with exotic good looks.
Yet the most striking thing about them is their effortless beauty.

Calm and easygoing, they wanted a beautiful celebration that is casual, intimate and eclectic.
So we came up with a bohemian number...with a classy twist.

Here's to Lisa and Carlos.
May your journey ahead be filled with plenty of blessings and love.

 Harmonizing an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, flora and accessories isnt as easy as it seems.
There is always a chance that it might end up looking messy and frugal.
Furthermore, with a beautiful venue like burkill, it would have been too easy for us to become complacent, and risk producing a bohemian look that is not pulled together.

We remember clearly telling ourselves to not stand on our laurels,
and to continue seeing to every single detail, leaving no stones unturned.
Glad we had a great team to help execute our plan and vision.

The dais.

The reception area at top floor.

The wedding cake.

 In place of a typical manicured fondant wedding cake,
we featured a raw looking cake adorned with wild flowers instead.
We commissioned our friend Insyirah to bake us a very raw looking
 (but oh so tasty) layered cream cake...
and invited (or forced, rather) our other family friend Hestee to style it,
with whatever wild flowers and cake stands we provided. 
She did a splendid job! 
But we were of course not surprised, 
always having known her to be artistic like her designer dad.

 Thanks Insyirah and Hestee! :)

The reception area at ground floor.

It was styled to be more garden-like...
to harmonize with the surrounding flora and manicured lawns.

The dessert isle, styled by Mariah & Sham.
Our mish mash of pastries were pulled together from various trusted sources, 
namely Safiyya Mediterranean, Charmbakes, Insyirah and Simplynuha.

We used to have to prepare our own pastries to fit our designs.
Nowadays however, we're only too glad to be able to tap on the great talents 
of other mushrooming businesses and individuals out there.

We've had the pleasure of more family and friends joining us on this project.
Thanks Hestee, Sharifah, Farhaty, Syakirah, Fadzli, Ilham,
Haris and Didi, for all the hardwork and laughter! :)

Our other awesome friends, Mint, Shida and Kinah,
along with our cousin munir who has gone on to study medicine,
were missed....

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Coming full circle...

In the past few years, Mariah & Sham has been busy with one event update after another.
Hence, if you've only started following us, 
you'd probably think of us as wedding stylists and organisers

Truth be told, even till now, we cant define the single nature of our biz.
We've dabbled in everything from cakes to favours, gifts, stationeries, floral works, homewares, interior design, events, weddings and even customised artwork.

We were officially established in 2007, 
at a time when scrapbooking supplies or online shops were almost non-existent in Singapore, 
and we had to innovate, create and handmake all our boxes, tags, labels and accessories for our dessert isles, hantarans, gifts, stationeries, hampers and floral works.
It was the time when even the making of a cupcake was challenging, because there were no Wilton-like supplies or factory made cutters, accessories or moulds at our disposal.

By the time supplies became more available everywhere, 
and many businesses were sprouting and taking advantage of the trend and the market demand,
we were no longer just dabbling in cakes, favours, customised hantarans and the likes.
 We had already gotten ourselves immersed in home styling, soft furnishings, 
furniture designs, homewares and even landscaping.
 Our earlier followers would have seen us evolve at least that much.

 So years ago, when we were first persuaded (or perhaps coerced) into an event styling project, 
we committed to it, thinking that it would allow us to assimilate our passion 
for designing with that of crafting, building, styling and innovating. 
 True enough, it did.
In one single project, we would get enough opportunities to put on many different hats.
 We would bake and create the wedding cake, experiment with various floral styles, create new structures for the venue, design tablescapes, sew linens and soft finishes, produce customised stationeries, and conjure up many different event styles.

That experience taught us much. 
And maybe that's why we're coming full circle now.
We're striving to get back in touch with all the things we've loved doing, 
and not just do weddings.

And timely enough, just as we're getting our bearings back,
we received a surprise friendly email from an esteemed UK based home furnishing company, 

We're honoured to know that they found our blog 
"really interesting, with great and lovely content".
We're also equally excited to know that they've released new sofa collections. 
You may visit their site to create your own completely 
bespoke sofa in a range of over 60 different fabrics and styles. 
Likewise, if you'd love to have us style your space
with their furnitures and furnishings, just drop us an email.
  We hold them in high esteem for their meticulous attention to quality and details.

So now, while we'll still style bespoke and premium events,
our Home & Living arm will be revived.
But first up will be our pop-up garage sale.
God knows we've been putting it on the back burner!
Since we (really really) need to make room for more props,
we've decided to do it really really soon.
We're now firming up on the date and location.
It will be either 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after our october Burkill Hall event. 
Be sure to look out for our announcement.

Meanwhile, have a fabulous and meaningful week ahead, everyone! :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Customs House September 2014

September saw us styling the Singapore Customs House for the gorgeous couple Afzal and Nuris.
Juxtaposed by a spectacular view that is the Marina Bay Sands,
the venue was worked out with a minimalistic and meticulous styling
to complement and accentuate the voluminous natural backdrop.

So here's to Afzal and Nuris...
May the memories last you a lifetime, 
and may your union be blessed always.....



Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fullerton Hotel

Our pics for the styling at Fullerton Hotel are long overdue.

To our beautiful couple Jacqueline and Hongzhou...
thanks for approaching and trusting us with this project which we were more than thrilled to handle! :)

May your journey together be filled with plenty of joy, love and fulfillment always...

Wedding guest book designed by Mariah & Sham and handmade by Hazworkz.
Boutonnieres by Mariah & Sham
Dessert Isle styling by Mariah & Sham. Pastries by Fullerton and Jac's friends.

Wedding cake by Sir Bakealot and styled by Mariah & Sham

Fresh rose tiebacks
Total venue styling

Couple momento designed by Mariah & Sham and produced by Hazworkz