Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Beachfront Wedding

Last week, we had great fun (not to mention great tan) 
styling the beachfront event of our 
wonderful and beautiful couple Helmi and Aisyah.

This was our first event at Gurame Restaurant @ Changi...
and we loved everything about it!
Other than the gorgeous view and calming breeze,
 the whole setup went on so smoothly,
 we still couldnt get over the whole experience.

We've never executed a project with that much ease before...
and we're largely convinced that our couple's calmness was the reason for it.
Everything, from props to weather, was simply perfect.
From the bottom of our heart, thank you Helmi and Aisyah, 
for your unwavering trust, kindness and support.
For being the beautiful people that you both are, 
you both deserve as much happiness and beauty, as life has to offer....
 Loving the great outdoor and the perfect weather.
A Gurame crew thought we might just be starting a new styling precedent there, 
and felt it would be lovely to have us again.
Of course we'd love to be back...
though next time, it'd be a different stye altogether...

 Only the freshest blooms...

Mini velvet cupcakes meticulously baked by Surina from Sir Bakealot...
and lovingly touched up with tea roses by Mariah & Sham...

Nothing beats mothernature's natural beauty...
a perfect backdrop for Aisyah and Helmi...

We can sit here all day....

The hanging candle votives were lighted up right after sunset,
eliciting a warm glow amidst the evening breeze...

The lawn and erected tentage, all lighted up with fairy lights, after sunset....

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April Wedding

Last week, we styled the wedding of our handsome cousin Dafi and his lovely wife Chom.

When Dafi brought his bride-to-be to discuss her event styling plans with us, 
we were all too delighted to embark on a new look. 
Away from the typical sweet and dreamy look, 
Chom wanted a sophisticated, clean and sleek style with navy blue, gold and fuschia.
And so we thought...what else would be navy blue, sleek and sophisticated...
 other than Ralph Lauren?

So we did a Ralph for them.

Loving the gleen on our chevron inspired cake

What we would normally do for hand-bouquets, we extrapolated to our tablescaping, eliciting a new style.

It would have been nice to have pergolas and more lamposts around the hall.
Due to space constraints however, we had to forego that idea and settle for less. 
Comfort takes precedence...

So here, postcards for Chom and Dafi....
Have a great honeymoon you guys!

That's all for now.
Next up will be a vintage chic style :)

November Wedding

Apologies for this long overdue pics of the wedding of Faizal and Maisara.....

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November Wedding at Burkill Hall

Our November Wedding at Burkill Hall was for the cool couple Sharina and Rahim.
Situated amidst the lush and beautiful greeneries of Orchid Garden, 
Burkill exudes a raw and charming beauty that's both rustic yet fresh.

Given sufficient time, we would have loved to work in more details into their styling...
because really, this place has the potential to look beyond stunning.
But 2 hrs were all we had to prepare the 2 storeyed Bungalow from scratch.
Further to that, our precious planned 2 hour work was
compromised by circumstances beyond our control.
Lucky for us though, the extra crew our couple has agreed to let us hire, was,
like our own great crew, tremendously efficient and proactive.
They maximised every single minute left and
made the best of the situation with their positive attitude.
Thanks guys!!! :)

Perhaps one day we'll get the opportunity to gingerly style a sit-down dinner,
complete with elaborate and detailed tablescaping...
But for now, we hope our couple have enjoyed their big day at Burkill,
 as much as we have enjoyed styling it for them.
May they be blessed with a beautiful life together.

A symphony of rich chocolate cakes for that rustic yet classy touch.

 Our new mocha walls, which we insisted on using, made a significant difference to the hallscape...yet they looked so natural...almost as if they belonged right there in Burkill.

Our couple loves simplicity.
And like any person who appreciates gd design,
they understand that the simpler the look is, the more work will be needed to ensure quality.

After seeing our styling at Arts House,
Sharina wanted us to use this same vintage bicycle for her dais as well.
We were more than happy to let our loyal 'old scoot' take centrestage again :)

With insufficient supply of tables, we only got a table to work on, 5 minutes before the start of event.
So we took all of 3 minutes to prepare that whole corner.
Mariah and I never sweated so much. LOL

Bright and airy, this Bungalow accommodated almost 2000 guests with much charm and flamboyance.

How we love this balcony, over looking the gorgeous Orchid Garden...

The couple's family members seen here, dressed to theme...

The Dais in a vintage shot

All pictures are copyrights of Mariah and Sham

Sunday, 22 September 2013


We love postcard style invites for so many reasons.
Apart from being stylish and fuss-free, 
we love that it's paper conservative and hence earth friendly.
We're animal lovers and nature enthusiasts...
and nature is where we normally draw much of our inspiration from.
Hence while we love creating beautiful events and fine stationeries, 
we strive to use the minimum necessary, and give back whenever possible.
Even when working with fresh flowers and plants,
we emphasize much on using only the necessary,
 and treating them with much care, 
for as long as their beautiful life permits.

We're glad our couple Faizal and Maisara love their invite.
We're now looking forward to styling their event soon.

In collaboration with Haz Workz

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Flowers for Eid

Here's just sharing one of the faux floral arrangements I prepared for my home, during Eid this year. 
Sis made some gorgeous ones for her home, 
but I was too busy eating her even more gorgeous dishes, to even bother snapping pics. 
But then again ,who was Eid after all...feasting took centrestage.


 Invites and fine stationeries for all occassions, by Mariah & Sham and Haz Workz.
(As nature lovers, we highly recommend the use of recyclable and recycled materials. 
Not only are they more earth friendly, they're gorgeous too.)

 We also love doing bespoke calligraphy designing, monogram designing and hand drawing of maps.
They simply infuse charm into any invites.
Here's looking forward to great opportunities.
Have a great day ahead, everyone!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hotel - Before & After

Even hotels need styling sometimes.
And we're excited for the hotel styling projects we have, slated for 2014 and 2015.

Meanwhile, for those wondering if hotel styling is necessary,
 given the already complete dining setup, it's entirely up to you. 
Because while hotels provide dining setups, complete with tableware and cutleries,
you can still choose to add that personal touch or create the look you love, 
by infusing a bit more styling.

When our couple Syah & Jannah came to us more than a year ago, 
they wanted us to help work their ballroom out. 
And we tried our best for them.

 Many guests loved the hotel's ballroom.
What they didn't know however,
 was the amount of 'canvass' work we had done to overhaul
the interior, stage, tablescapes and infact the whole mood and feel of the ballroom.

This was what it looked like BEFORE,
and what our couple's wedding would have potentially looked like.

Even the hotel's floor manager was impressed when we transformed the whole place,
all within 2 hours.
He never thought his ballroom could look like that. LOL.

Thanks to our wonderful wonderful crew!
We also had family and friends helping out...
and so we had so much fun cramming everything in 2 hrs!

Those who have not seen the AFTER, here it is, our laduree inspired styling, again...

 We even transformed the tablescaping to make every table unique

 Only fresh flowers throughout

 Tulips and exotic blooms

 Customised table numbers

 Exquisite tableware

 We made monogrammed napkins for the couple


Nothing beats fine details and personal touches....
cos that's what makes any couple's wedding day unique and magical.
So yes, even if you're holding your wedding in one of the finest hotels around,
styling it can still make all the difference.