Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November Wedding at Burkill Hall

Our November Wedding at Burkill Hall was for the cool couple Sharina and Rahim.
Situated amidst the lush and beautiful greeneries of Orchid Garden, 
Burkill exudes a raw and charming beauty that's both rustic yet fresh.

Given sufficient time, we would have loved to work in more details into their styling...
because really, this place has the potential to look beyond stunning.
But 2 hrs were all we had to prepare the 2 storeyed Bungalow from scratch.
Further to that, our precious planned 2 hour work was
compromised by circumstances beyond our control.
Lucky for us though, the extra crew our couple has agreed to let us hire, was,
like our own great crew, tremendously efficient and proactive.
They maximised every single minute left and
made the best of the situation with their positive attitude.
Thanks guys!!! :)

Perhaps one day we'll get the opportunity to gingerly style a sit-down dinner,
complete with elaborate and detailed tablescaping...
But for now, we hope our couple have enjoyed their big day at Burkill,
 as much as we have enjoyed styling it for them.
May they be blessed with a beautiful life together.

A symphony of rich chocolate cakes for that rustic yet classy touch.

 Our new mocha walls, which we insisted on using, made a significant difference to the hallscape...yet they looked so natural...almost as if they belonged right there in Burkill.

Our couple loves simplicity.
And like any person who appreciates gd design,
they understand that the simpler the look is, the more work will be needed to ensure quality.

After seeing our styling at Arts House,
Sharina wanted us to use this same vintage bicycle for her dais as well.
We were more than happy to let our loyal 'old scoot' take centrestage again :)

With insufficient supply of tables, we only got a table to work on, 5 minutes before the start of event.
So we took all of 3 minutes to prepare that whole corner.
Mariah and I never sweated so much. LOL

Bright and airy, this Bungalow accommodated almost 2000 guests with much charm and flamboyance.

How we love this balcony, over looking the gorgeous Orchid Garden...

The couple's family members seen here, dressed to theme...

The Dais in a vintage shot

All pictures are copyrights of Mariah and Sham

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