Sunday, 20 September 2015

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Events have always kept us busy.
What more with a new shop to man.

Apologies for our lack of updates.
We're active on FB though.
So do join us there @ Mariah & Sham for our regular updates.

We'll be holding and announcing more workshops:

Scrapbooking fun 
Storytelling sessions
Soap making workshop

Floral workshop
Soap making workshop
Embroidery workshop

We'll also be announcing our Wedding 2016 Open House soon.

Meanwhile, we've got more new items in store.
Come visit us on Mondays 5-8 pm and Fridays 3-5 pm.

Unpacking in progress
 We've also launched our Perfumery French Vintage collection of fine favors.
Everyone is welcome to view and order them every Monday at 5-8pm at Verandah East.
All fully paid orders made by October 2015 are entitled to promotional rates :)

Verandah East : Vibes @ East Coast, 308 Telok Kurau Road.

Have a great week everyone!

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