Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Six In Between

Sometimes one needs to bring the house down in order to dig the treasure hidden beneath and build a better house.We're at this stage of upheavel, rediscovering and upgrading now. Hence our silence these last couple of weeks. But hey, silence equates not to apathy and inactivity. Infact, the reverse is true. We've been extremely busy!

My house moving and searching, for one, have been riddled with plenty of challenges...maybe some things are finally falling into place, but I can vouch the journey is still quite long ahead.

Plenty of business plans and improvements are also being worked on...but we're keeping the publicity and marketing on hold until we're truly ready.

For now, we're just glad to announce that Mariah will be delivering her little princess really soon. Do pray for her and her baby's safe delivery. And so come June, there'll be 6 kids in between us. Naturally we're overjoyed, and we've psyched ourselves to remain positive and passionate about our families, biz and profession. But we know more than well the importance of being realistic...of knowing our priorities, strengths, limitations and contingencies...

Admittedly, Mariah & Sham is not just a business adventure for us. It's a passion. We started off this biz on our salaried incomes, and we saw things through with our own blood, sweat and tears...just the 3 of us - sis, myself and mum - with some spousal support perhaps, kids in tow (who can pretty much be our stress inducers as well as relievers!), full time jobs and plenty of courage, I hope. Case in point, we're taking matters seriously. Do not let our silence make you think otherwise cos even with six in between, we're still very much a Martha Stewart at heart.

Take care and best wishes...

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