Monday, 2 August 2010

Our newest Dessert Isle

We recently had the pleasure of creating a new dessert isle for our new client Liza, who'd just had her 30th Birthday Bash last weekend.

In the short time we've known her, she came across as someone who truly enjoys treating her family and friends. Though extremely generous, she is not unnecessarily extravagant...she knows when to indulge and whom to indulge with.

So we hope our isle had been a tremendous treat and joy to her loved ones and to herself on her special day, and here's wishing Liza a Happy Birthday!

We love the idea of sharing beautiful things and beautiful food with our loved ones. And so does Liza.
So she unabashedly cosied up to our idea of an outdoor dessert isle - a garden party!
An outdoor tentage set up like this, we thought, could be very gorgeous and classy...yet inviting and pretty much laissez faire. And Liza loved the unique three-dimensional feel to it too.

Introducing our Pink Black Sassy Dessert Isle.

This isle was designed with a couple of elements in mind.
We were striving to create a pink black themed isle that is sassy and chic,
as opposed to one that is either too gothic or too sweet.
So we decided to make a black and white striped parisian blind,
and worked our whole design around that parisian chic look.

We used black-white stripes, chandelier & silhouttes, topiaries, satin, velvet, crystals and silverware.
Then everything else was harmonized in pink... though not exactly of the same pink shade,
but rather in different tones...cos we simply love harmonizing different tones of colours.

And of course because we believe that the treats should be authentic and not too overdressed with icing and colouring, we therefore mostly made do with their natural colours and worked on harmonizing them instead. It was truly challenging, but hey that's what we are here for ;)


Now comes the fun part - Dessert!
Our chocolate cupcakes were spread with delicious chocolate fudge, and spruced up with our newly designed chandelier-silhoutte cupcake wrappers.

And then we had our designer butter cookies with their thin matching chandelier icing.

Then there were the all-time favourites... marshmallows and sesame sticks.
Although the latter didn't come in pink, they blended perfectly with the chocolate cupcakes and butter cookies placed alongside...

More sweet treats - Our mini shortcakes lightly laced with pink crystals and tea roses.

Not forgetting Grandma's old recipe - Chocolate Fudge Pudding!

Our favors were designed to bear all the elements of our design. Notice the matching black white stripes, the chandelier silhoutte, the pink label, the pink meringue, the crystal clear bag and the silver stand.

When placed on the isle,
the whole favor set-up helped harmonize and balance all the elements of the isle altogether...

Our generous arrangement of fresh flowers then complemented our parisian blind,
our french white chandelier, and the pink satin.

And of course, the Birthday Cake.
What could be more appropriate and matching for this parisian chic isle, than a parisian hat-box cake?
A fondant covered chocolate cake baked with the finest ingredients...

So here are some behind the scene photos:
Creative designers - Sham and Mariah
Baking chief and seamstress- Zaiton
Stationery and props specialist - Hazrin
Distraction specialists - 6 kids in between :)

Steam ironing the velvet tablecloth for that all-important professional look.
We're big on quality control.

A quick pose

Mariah and Sham, sans Zaiton and Hazrin.

- Thank You -

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  1. OMG!!!! Whn i inserted thge words eid table decor yours was the only site i could open. there was nothing else availale.... but OMG what i have discovered... SMASHING.. SPEECHLESS.. ABSOLUTELY beeeeautiful... very very very very welll done you guys.. some day.. Inshallah il be able to do sth like this as well... you are definitely going on my blog.. and dooooo keep up to the good work.. and keep us posted