Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Pixelated Theory

We were very honoured to have been photographed by the talented NorZamaria of Pixelated Theory, during Liza's birthday bash 2 months back.

Photography is a passion for her, I gather, and from her works, I could see why she's special. She is immersed in her surroundings, and I just love the way she captures the moments, simple as they may seem, and then translating them into something intriguing, catching one by surprise, and leaving one wondering..."Now why hadnt I noticed THAT before?!"

And just when I thought she's more of a 'moment' photographer, she surprised me with her ability to document still art works...like our dessert isle! Love the angles!

So as much as she would love to have more opportunities to document Mariah & Sham's works, we'd love to, just as much if not more, have the opportunity to be documented by her! Because we would love to have her capturing those precious moments. Cos that is what Mariah & Sham is all about...sharing the beautiful things in life.

So below are some of the pics taken by her.
(You can see how much nicer they are, compared to our amateurish photographs, posted earlier on :))

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