Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Collaborating with The Wedding Chateau

We were honoured, albeit slightly skeptical, when my friend Najihah messaged us, at the eleventh hour, to check if we could help take on some wedding cake orders from her.

We thought we had a lot on our hands, but we're glad to have eventually taken the orders. Cos for one, we learned to be more efficient, rising up to the occassion, so to speak. And especially for myself, working with Najihah brought back fond memories of us, back in Pharmacy School, doing our experiments in the lab :)

But best of all, we actually enjoyed working with TWC. True there were some discrepancies and miscommunication here and there, but we were lucky to have been given the trust and freedom to modify and improvise. But then again maybe Najihah had no choice but to be accommodating,  at least for friendship's sake! Heh.

So anyway, here are the pics...

Sorry our dearest photographer sidetracked just a little :)
So again, here are the cake pics...

We were extremely satisfied with our fondant this time round.
Our new preparation technique and top grade ingredients helped us achieve this flawless icing finish.

Mariah working on the final touches.
Striving to design a cake that would look rich and classy yet subtle and elegant, we decided, after much deliberation,  to use only ivory - one of the colours included in Najihah's colour palette - throughout...

This monotoned three tiered fondant cake would then be embellished with ivory filligree motifs, lustre pearl icing, ivory ribbon trimmings and white chrysanthemums, to elicit that rich yet subtle texture. It was to our horror then, when we found out, after setting everything up, that the bride had wanted a purple cake.

Fortunately, we managed to get over the initial panic, and just like many other times when we were setting up our own dessert isles and things didnt go quite as expected, we would start modifying and improvising.
Here, we added in our purple ribbon trimming, which luckily was a matching shade to TWC's decor, and accentuated the chrysanthemums with tiny bits of purple heather blooms to harmonize and balance the whole look.

Overall, we thought the colours worked well, but much more crucial would be whether the cake had fit right in to the decor. We hope it did.

Tiffany Blue
And then Najihah needed help to make a simple blue cake to match her blue themed dessert bar. But it being a last minute request, we unfortunately could not grab hold of a one-half inch matching blue ribbon, as requested. So there we went again, modifying and improvising. We trimmed each tier with our shorter half inch ribbon instead, and added in a running layer on top, deliberately leaving a slight gap in between. This way, the trimming had an added pattern / effect to it, yet still remained simple enough to complement our simple cake and TWC's gorgeous dessert bar.

Myself, straightening out the trimmings.
Najihah and Sarah setting up their dessert bar.

Sham, Sarah, Najihah and Mariah....
 of Mariah & Sham and The Wedding Chateau.
All looking rather tired here...
So thanks guys, for the opportunity and the trust. Looking forward to working together again. And perhaps, if we ever get overwhelmed with dessert isle projects, and you guys have gotten a new shop with a big kitchen, you all can help make our cakes too?! :)

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