Thursday, 24 March 2011


I've spent the last 3 months just getting the basics up for my new abode.
And because hubby and I are d-i-y-ing practically everything, we're STILL not done yet.
I've yet to finish wallpapering my master bedroom and the guest room.

But now that we're safely beyond our eighty percenth mark getting all the basics in place, 
I'm now in my decorating and accessorizing elements!

I've planned for the different areas of our house to elicit different moods and characters. 
So I've to really take time searching and purchasing the right furnishing and decorative pieces. 
I have a habit of with holding purchases of furnitures and even chairs and tables
until I can find the "right one".
I certainly do not believe in buying just for the sake of having one...even if everyone else wants it.
I prefer taking time to get something that suits me, my family and my home well...even if it requires more waiting.
Good things are always worth the wait.

So today I did some brainstorming for our spare room.
I want it to be romantic and dreamy, yet chic and  minimal...nothing too flowery.
The room has a nice small balcony that looks out into a row of other small balconies...reminding me of the quaint and romantic streets of Europe. So this room will do just that...bring us back there. 
A perfect mini Europe getaway.

But while I scour the globe for the right pieces to come by, here's a look at some romantic spaces...

Image via This is Glamorous

Accessories and arrangement by  Powder Blue

By This is Glamorous
Hotel Can Isabel, Spain

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