Monday, 16 May 2011

Designer Isle - Jannah & Syah

Last week, we ceremoniously took on a designer isle project that was more challenging than the ones before, because this time round, we had to work our arrangements around our client's own spread of dessert and treats.

Our client, Jannah, really wanted a Designer Isle choreographed by Mariah & Sham.
But she has got her own spread of main dishes and dessert
pre-arranged by her mum, for her engagement.
This, we thought, would be tricky and challenging, in more ways than one.
But because she's such a darling...and of course much to her fiance's convincing too :),
we decided to take up the challenge and fulfill her wish. 

With no room for certitude, we designed a concept around that imaginary spread of sweet treats and main dishes, and braced ourselves for last minute changes and mismatches.
Luckily, we managed to put it all together, and we're glad Jannah loved her Designer Isle,
as much as we loved doing it for her.

So here's to Jannah - someone who comes across to us as very stylish, kind and warm. 
Thanx for loving our work. Thanx for your trust and support.
And of course, a very hearty congrats to you and your fiance, Syahrizan! 

Say hi to your cool mum for us, will ya?! :)

PS- Apologies though, for some blurry pics...we didn't have our cameraman with us that day ;)

Jannah was so in love with our black-white striped blind which we used for Liza's isle,
 we modified our design at the eleventh  hour to fix it up for her,
as opposed to our original plan of solely using the beautiful garden as the main backdrop.
Glad you have great taste, dearie! ;)

Instead of using matching treats, we made room to accommodate generic ones,
 like the Ferrero Roche seen above.
How did we still manage to pull the harmonized look off? Well that's our job ;)

We designed, from scratch, the lace umbrella motif, just for them.

Jannah wanted to order her own cupcakes.
So we defined the colour and look she should strive for when placing her order.
We then designed the mini umbrella toppers to match the umbrella motif.

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