Friday, 17 June 2011

Designer Isle - Salwa & Ishaaq

One of our June projects included a "Designer Isle - Dessert"
for a gorgeous couple Salwa & Ishaaq.
The bride wanted an isle of sorts...
namely pastries, chocs and candies, choc fondue fountain,
fruits and even traditional delicacies, for her wedding reception.
Arab families like theirs are known to be very hospitable and generous to their guests. 

We're delighted to have been a part of their celebration.
We hope the guests have enjoyed our much as have we enjoyed designing it :)

Now if only this was a garden setting....
Our Designer IsleTM,  designed out of our very own tentage - hand drawn by myself and sewn by mum.
(See behind-the-scenes)

The pearl-embedded raw silk table cover we used here
was just but one of the high quality and classy props we used throughout our isle.
We're big on quality and fine details :)

Fresh Flowers

Tiramisu, courteousy of Sis Linda's favourite family recipe.
Seen here in shot glasses.

Halal Macarons

Chocolate Fondue Fountain Buffet

Mini Bites - Mango Mousse and Chocolate Brownies
Mariah's peach and strawberry tartlets were so beautiful and delicious,
even the well known caterer wanted to place future orders from her! :)

Careful selection of halal Chocolate, Candies and Marshmallows

Condiments and Cutleries

And our favourite part of the job - Personalisation.
Seen here is a classy and expensive personalised golden backdrop
for the couple to keep and remember their special day by.

Butter cookies at the fondue buffet corner

For Him Hantaran Cake

Even kids couldnt resist appreciating.. :)

Our trusted and extremely capable Isle Steward, Siraj, seen here with my hubby and strong man, Hazrin.
Thanx guys! :) 

Mum, in action....

 Mariah and I would like to thank the couple and their family for this opprtunity.
Thanks also to my mother in law, Salina
and sister in law, Dr Maslinda,  for sharing the tiramisu recipe.
Thanks to brother in law, Fadly, for the beautiful pine trees.
Thanks to my ever helpful and supportive husband, Hazrin.
Thanks to Dad for entertaining the kids.
Thanks to Mum for sewing our tentage and baking the wedding cake.
And last but not least, thanks to our Isle Steward, Siraj for the hardwork and proactiveness.

More updates coming up soon :)

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