Monday, 21 November 2011

Photography Isle by Mariah & Sham

The Photography IsleTM  is a rather new design concept created by Mariah & Sham, 
in place of the more common in-house wedding dais / staging set ups.

This isle serves as a beautiful corner
for the bride to sit and witness the solemnization ceremony.

With an original Mariah & Sham design,
a less bulky set-up,
and an understandably more natural look, 
our mostly garden-themed Isles are gaining popularity. 

 Here's our most recent, for lovely couple Suhailah and Iskandar...

A beautiful garden right in Suhailah's own home

And here's Mum behind-the-scene,
arranging the gorgeous flowers in our mock up isle,
right in my dining hall....

On to our next project.....
Think Monte Carlo ;)

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