Thursday, 9 February 2012

Our Maiden Venue Decor

We've been steering away from major venue-decor projects for the longest time.
Everytime we had a request for one, we'd cite unreadiness as defence.
But we've finally decided to take the plunge!
Not exactly the perfect time to start something new,
what with sis handling a first trimester pregnancy
and myself sitting for my oncology exams....
but we had a great team behind us making it all possible.

We did a venue decor for a solemnization ceremony, and sis was the project manager. 
I remember kissing and hugging her for her diligent and marvellous job.
Her coordination was exceptionally flawless, 
and our project turned out beautiful, our inexperiences notwithstanding.

 In this maiden project, we were tasked with transforming the SIA Sports Club into a garden -
suitable for Zayed's and Azean's solemnization ceremony.
They wanted a natural ambience that wasn't overly done, yet classy and substantial.
It was pretty challenging cos the infrastructure there was not as congruent to the theme
as Burkill Hall or Arts House or Hort Park would have been.
Transforming the place would require us to do more than just arranging flowers.
But we took up the challenge still....
because we could totally understand and respect their resolve
in having their guests attend their solemnization ceremony at a convenient location.

So we dreamed big on this idea of bringing Monte Carlo into the picture.
It was a monumental task, starting everything from scratch...
but we certainly hope we've delivered what we promised.

This picture didnt do much justice to our Monte Carlo paradise, I guess.
I can still remember stepping into this cool, romantic dimly lit garden,
greeted by lush greeneries, fresh flowers, the serene sound of trickling water and soft music.

The dreamy reception tables against our monte carlo backdrop, for their guests to enjoy...

Introducing another new concept by Mariah & Sham.
A solemnization isle for our groom to take his marriage vow at.

The three-dimensional backdrop we designed and created from scratch,
hopefully different from the conventional cloth-draped pelamin.

 A vanity corner the bride wanted us to create at the corner of the multi-purpose room...

A natural bouquet to add that subtle touch of sweetness to our already beautiful bride.

And yes, here's the lovely couple....
Zayed & Azean.
May they be blessed with a beautiful life together forever.
Photo copyright: Simplifai studios media design and photography
Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our wonderful crew!!!
Mum, our chief seamstress who sewed everything from
table cloths to satin floral cones to our famed canopy.
Hazrin, our chief engineer and artisan who single-handedly made our french door,
and handled the cabling works and logistics.
Fadly, our saving grace who financed some of our expenses,
and our artisan cum muscle man handling the logistics.
Hamzah and Sirajuddin, our reliable and experienced staging artists and muscle men.
Dad, our on-site surveyor.
Mint, our saviour helping us out with the bunga rampai.
Cik Wati, our helpful aunt who helped cook for us and babysit our kids.
 Cik Yati, sis's mother-in-law who helped babysit her kids at the drop of a pin.
 Abang Naz and sister Sha, our main financier and advisor respectively.
And of course, our kids, our source of joy, comfort and distraction :)
You guys rock!!!


  1. Very pretty! Awesome job!

  2. Awesome deco! So very proud of you, Mariah!! Semoga terus maju & berjaya, insyaAllah!!! ~ Kak Rasimah