Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Le Vogue by Mariah & Sham

We recently had the pleasure of doing a pink-black Photography Isle TM for lovely Nazeera. Admittedly, Pink-Black is a common colour combination nowadays. We therefore mulled over the possibility of it ending up looking just as common, when Nazeera came to us months ago requesting for this particular colour scheme. Fortunately however, design is not always solely about colour schemes. We knew we could experiment with new details and concepts in order to create new exclusive styles. So we took up the challenge. Here's to Nazeera and partner....
Nazeera's Le Vogue Photography Isle TM - showcasing a transient total makeover of her living room.
We designed, erected and styled everything seen in this pic -  from panelled walls to floral arrangements...from cakes to props...from furniture pieces to chandelier lighting. Yes, that was how serious we were ;)
Nazeera also wanted a Mariah & Sham Hantaran Isle TM (leftside of pic), which we happily incorporated into the set-up.

We love her for trusting us to do everything for her.This way, we got to harmonize every single design elements, in order to elicit visual harmony and purposeful styling
The props and panelling we styled her living room with
More gorgeous props.
Personalised monogram produced by Haz Workz
And fine details
The japanese blooms we had the chance to use, given the generous budget, were pricier than the common blooms, but they were totally worth the price tag!
Ring Hantaran
Clothing Hantaran
Bunga Rampai Hantaran
Bunga Rampai Hantaran
The cake we designed to match
Cake Hantaran

To appreciate the degree of transformation this living room had undergone, a before-and-after pic will be posted in our next post. We thank Nazeera for her kind permission.
 One thing for sure, we hope this isle had been able to live up to her generous, warm, cheerful and beautiful personality.

We would also like to thank Hazrin of  Haz Workz for the gorgeous monogram pieces.

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