Saturday, 21 April 2012


From our Le Vogue, we've embarked on another pink project.
But because we do not favor 'cookie cutter' works, 
we got to the task of working with this perhaps overused, although well-loved colour, 
from another perspective...different from the vintage glam look we had for Nazeera.

Our lovely bride Jannah wanted something soft, sweet and victorian / english
for their Photography Isle and Hantaran Isle.
So here's to Jannah and her husband Hilmi....

Photgraphy Isle
We were careful not to overkill the concept with too many strong traditional victorian details
Hantaran Cake, the Mariah & Sham way....
Perfumeries Hantaran. We kept the Hantaran Isle simple to complement the elaborate Photography Isle, thereby eliciting an overall visual harmony
The floral accents were used just enough to elicit a groomed look yet not overwhelm the gorgeous gift.
Bunga Rampai
Bunga Telur with an English twist
More harmonizing details

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