Friday, 12 February 2010

International Orders

Looks like our favors have gone offshore....and we sort of figured it's got a lot to do with the world getting smaller, what with the advent of IT and modern transportation and all.

International selling is a norm...but opening our doors to the international market wasn't in the cards, back when we first started anyway.

However, our business, like many online businesses, invited international enquiries and ordering requests -which we pretty much turned down.

Until we started deliberating...

Barring any warped sense of security, we may soon lose our international fans, should we not venture out of our own imaginary comfort zones, to reciprocate their enthusiasm. Afterall, they had communicated their appreciation for our work, and sent in repeated requests to order our favors.

Encouraged, we took on the orders and learned a thing or two, from our global biz escapades. And now, we're looking forward to more...

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