Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ode White Castle

The last few weeks had been extraordinarily busy. We had local and overseas orders to meet. And like many times before, we couldn't find enough time to take pictures of those projects and creations to add into our portfolio.

It was even more inopportune these last few weeks cos we'd been busy opening up our white castle for viewing. The encroachment of our privacy, the prospect of losing something dear to us, the hope of getting a reasonable offer, and the excitement of realizing our dreams took us on a roller coaster ride.

Alas, our white castle has been sold...

While we were excited to change for the better, we were also totally unprepared for the emotional impact the sale actually had upon us. After all, we've shared many wonderful memories growing up here, together.

Thankfully though, we're finally moving on with a light heart. We'll just have to continue focusing on the tasks at hand, and go on ahead as planned. We're looking for a bigger place to stay....and hopefully with that, a bigger space to do our projects too.

Do pray for us.

We'll miss our white castle for sure, but it was home only because we made it so. We'll build a new home soon, but not before saying goodbye...

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