Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ramadhan and Eid

Three months ago, we embarked on a new isle concept. We wanted an isle that was real, three dimensional, and in keeping with the true meaning of sharing and gathering. And what better celebration to feature, than the marvellous Ramadhan and Eid? So now that the festive months are just around the corner, it's time for the reveal.

Set in a cozy tent with simple modern white luxurious curtains, rich Moroccan inspired cushions and lanterns, classy European accents and table ware, and simple fresh floral arrangements, RAMADHAN & EID MUBARAK by Mariah & Sham featured a dessert Isle that fuses the old with the contemporary, the east with the west, and the generous with the simple.

This fusion embodies the people celebrating the two annual holy festivities of Ramadhan and Eid - Muslims all over the world - young and old…brothers and sisters from all races and all walks of lives.

This isle featured mostly Arabian and local sweet treats like dates, apricots, halawa, kueh makmur, suji custard and such...nicely presented or delicately packed in our newly designed favors and chinese-takeaway boxes.

We also decided to feature our designer cupcakes. Packed with real flavour, we wanted to keep the taste authentic and unspoiled. So we kept the icing minimal, and dressed them up in our newly designed matching cupcake wrappers instead.

This dessert isle was also presented to resonate the meaning of its celebration – that of warm kinship, beautiful gathering, spiritual uplifting and thankfulness. The treats, though mostly placed on the guest table, were also placed at side tables to elicit a sense of casual homeliness.

Lit up lanterns were used to emanate a warm glow, creating a cozy and humble ambience. Yet the same warm glow, reflected by the beautiful glass vases and crystal water receptacles placed alongside, gave the ambience a touch of drama and sparkling luxury.

Cushions sewn out of an assortment of rich coloured fabric, earth toned fabric, and multi-textured fabric were strewn around to add depth, colour and definition to the whole set up.

A thick white sheepskin rug was used in place of a typical colourful Arabian rug to match the simple white sofa and curtains. Simple non-overbearing floral arrangements were used to slightly soften the overall rich and masculine look.

That's all from this isle....
Do look out for our upcoming pink-black sassy isle this month end, and yes, our designer cupcake wrappers are in the final stages of market reveal. Do bear with us a while more ;)


  1. You guys are AMAZING!!!! I have never seen such a delightful and such a detailed display of muslim treats and that too for eid... I heartily congratulate you.. superb job.. you guys should write your own how tos and the amountof time you spent on each table and what you had to do to achieve the look.. the money spent nad advice for beginners adn everything.. you owe it to the world.... btw go here

    to view your mention and link

  2. Hi Samia

    We're honoured, flattered and encouraged by your comments. Thanx a million for the mention (btw, you've got a great blog there!) and yes we will definitely write in more how-tos in the future ;)
    Keep in touch :)