Saturday, 5 February 2011

Very long overdue pictures - Azean's Engagement

Last December, Mariah bravely took on a backdrop project for the engagement of Azean & Zayed. 
I was a bit skeptical about it house moving was such a fuss, and I wasn't enthusiastic about taking  on a new project when all our props were still in utter mess. 
But sis was confident about it...and even took the lead. 
So all of us were more than happy to give her our support.

Azean needed a photography corner that was substantial and classy, yet not too overly orchestrated... 
cos it was after all, only for her engagement. 

So sis went on site and suggested keeping the design covering up the blemished wall with a beautiful canvas, and prepping the place up with classy and expensive props...
instead of erecting a stage, dais or a tentage for instance.

Sis then got on to outsourcing the design of our backdrop to Haz Workz, 
who used the chandelier motif I had designed from scratch eons ago, 
and created a canvas wallpaper out of it.
Sis and Hazrin also teamed up to create a framed up memoir bearing the couple's names,
for display...just to up the exclusive factor.

Alas, I'm glad I played along...cos our maiden mini backdrop project turned out to be so much fun, 
and the couple loved the mini set-up.
Well done sis, and keep it coming! :)

The fine details
Mini 2-tiered fondant engagement cake.
An additional bouquet to spruce up their dessert table.
Our heartiest congrats to the beautiful couple! 
May you be blessed with great love forever...

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