Sunday, 6 December 2009

The dream

We're dreaming of having our own boutique shop someday.

Granted, retail spaces in this lion city do not come in that dream will have to be stretched a tad bit longer for now.

But if and when we finally decide to invest in that, we'd love to draw inspiration from these gorgeous flagship stores...
These are the shops along the popular Rodeo Drive at Beverly Hills. We may not be able to have something in that scale here, but its elements can be adopted and 'transplanted' just as beautifully.
And how we love Dior's store here in Paris. Simple, chic, modern, classy and grand all at it!
Then this Ralph store had to tickle our fancy even more...
And ouh we love this one too!

Oh well...we'll just keep on dreaming for now. Someday perhaps, someday...

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