Monday, 28 December 2009

New year resolution

We've been asked a couple of times, to do up decor and banquet for weddings, but we're still toying with that idea. We'd love to do just that, and we do have our resources...but up till now, we've just been taking orders for favors, gifts, cakes, high teas and floral arrangements.

Running a business, while being a mother of four and working as a full time pharmacist can be quite tricky sometimes. Mariah - my sis and biz partner, who is also a mother herself, and a full time social worker, can testify to this...and so can mum - our biz director and our biggest inspiration and mentor.

So far it's been manageable cos we've been lucky to be able to pursue this biz, which is our passion, with proper time management and good family support.

But all this while, to ensure quality in every single piece of work, we've been concentrating our resources and confining our orders to the likes of favors, gifts, cakes etc. Perhaps it's high time that we unfold more surprises. Many of our fans and friends have been encouraging us to go bigger scale...and so with that kind of support and confidence, we're treading into newer territories, come 2010.

Wishing all a blessed and fruitful 2010! May your dreams and prayers come true....

To our better halves, loving children and dad...thanx for all the help, support and encouragement.
To our big brother Nazif - on whose quiet trust and kind token, this biz was first built and made possible, thank you :)
To our sister-in-law Shabana...thanx for your moral support and appreciation.

And especially to all our fans and clients, thank you so very much for all the support, trust and encouragement. Keep in touch, and God bless.....

Mariah & Sham

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