Friday, 8 January 2010

Louis Chairs

We think Louis chairs are perfect for weddings...Always definitive, they fit into any decor styles.

They used to come in Classics, but their designs have been modernized and modified to fit into any wedding styles of this modern day.

Dreamt of having them for my wedding, but there were no companies here renting out these lovelies for events and weddings, back then.
In fact even now, while Louises are gaining popularity in American weddings, their use here is still quite limited to decorating dining rooms and hotel ballrooms.
We're seriously thinking of investing in them, but our search for good quality louis chairs suitable for banquets, is just beginning. And we're not even sure if we'll strike a good deal...
But here's a take on what we've seen around, and the potential that Louis Chairs can elicit on the decor mood of not just homes, but events as well...
Seen above is the evergreen Classic design....
Here's the classic again, placed amidst an ASSORTMENT of white garden chairs, for a french garden wedding.
Intricate and colourful, it breaks the white monotony, yet blends very harmoniously with the garden surrounding ...Utterly gorgeous!
And here's the modern Ghost Louis, seen in Martha.
The Ghost Louis again, enhancing the elegant and modern splendour of the setting above.
And the Ghost Louis yet again, used in a classic setting. Call it fusion if I may, but who's to say classic set ups must be complimented only with classic chairs?
The Ghost Louis, obviously gaining more popularity. Adopted here in a romantic european set up.
And here's one which I've fallen in love with....The Folding Louis.
It's elegant, classy, modern and most importantly - practical.
Imagine how gorgeous Folding Louis will look if we were to incorporate it into the inspiration board seen at SMP below

Loving Louis!

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