Monday, 4 January 2010

Out of the closet

Since we first started our biz 2 years ago, we've been slowly and quietly collecting props and decorative pieces from many parts of the world.

But many of these pieces have been stashed aside, unused and forgotten, only because we were not prepared to take on big projects back then.

They're out of the closet now, and we're getting them sorted out for new projects. One of the pieces we like, and which we decided to take a picture of, is our mini column.

Apart from being just a column, it makes for a beautiful centrepiece on our Dessert Isle...

Beautiful even on its own, I can only imagine how beautiful this dessert isle will look, all dressed up with beautiful treats, fresh flora, gorgeous tableware and matching favors.
More props are finally coming out of the closet, but we can't be displaying all of them here...lest it takes away all the elements of surprise :)
Nevertheless, we're just too excited to not display our new gorgeous 5-tier silver plated cake stand which we just bought a couple of days ago!
Tagged with a hefty price, we don't mind investing in it because we know we are paying for outstanding quality - very finely made, tasteful and the sort that will wear well through the years.
This kind of stand will make any cupcakes look good, say if we were to use it as a Wedding Cupcake Centrepiece, for example. We believe that delicious cupcakes shouldn't be 'overworked' with too much icing and such, cos sometimes all it needs is a good presentation.
These are just random ideas, and photos of which were taken just as randomly, in between the 'excavating' breaks.
So well, that's enough imagining and fooling around for now...plenty more excavating to be done...

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