Monday, 19 April 2010

Events Feature: Ice Cream Buffet

Last night, I stumbled upon a gorgeous post by Amy Moss. It featured her Ice-Cream buffet, and this was just the sort of stuff Sis and I would always dream and talk about.

Thing is, we've always had plenty of ideas (quite similar to amy's too, I dare say) on how to set up a party isle chock-full of candies, chocolates and ice-cream. And when we get into our dreamy mode, we'll start rattling off fanciful ideas, and get all excited wistfully planning for our next possible Isle or Buffet project.

But until then, let us entice you with Amy Moss's brilliant set-up. Hopefully you can be convinced that a designer party isle can be a worthwhile rare indulgence...and hopefully you know where to find us in case you're interested in one ;)

So enjoy.....

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