Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lifestyle Feature : Arabian

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Arabian domestic architecture and decor encompass many different syles and influences ranging from persian to moorish.

They normally feature breezy and open garden-like spaces, stylized decorative patterns (arabesque), domes and fountains. Colours can range from pale sandstones to bright tones.

Featured here are the more contemporary designs. They still bear the common abovementioned elements, but are integrated into a more streamlined and minimalistic decor style.

Most of these more modern styles can be found in Dubai, following the architectural boom of the arab world there.

A seating hall like this is common in Arabian-style interiors.

Baths and gardens are also common in arabian architecture. This one's been cleverly designed with a modern pool (howz) amidst an indoor garden courtyard (sahn) .

This store is an epitome of modern arab-european integration. Notice all the dome shaped lamps and damask cushions amidst the crystal chandeliers & tableware, against a contemporary gothic-style black & white striped feature wall.

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