Sunday, 13 June 2010

11th June 2010

It was a significant date. We handed over our keys to the new home owners. It was an emotional experience I must say, and I surely didn't expect the kids to cry...but they did. Too many fond memories we had there, in our small and humble but cosy and fun white castle.

"We're moving into a bigger and more comfortable home" I explained to them.

"But I love this home....." Fazli retorted wailingly.

"I love this home too. But this is a happy home because we love and cherish one another. So no matter where we go, even if it's a mud hut, we'll always be happy as long as we share and care for one another k....we'll remember what we had here, but move on and make new fond memories together" I promised the kids.

It was quite painful, but their innocence gave me comfort...cos maybe we've brought them up right after all...

So anyway, we're currently recuperating from all the house moving hassle and rush, and despite the lack of updates, we're still doing business as usual.

We had the pleasure of preparing the wedding hantaran for a beautiful couple - Norhafizah and Khairul Anwar on 12th June.

It was understandably rushed, what with all the moving and birthing happening at Mariah & Sham, but Mum was admirably well-composed as always. And we're glad we took Fiza's order in too, cos she's just warm, nice, happy and gorgeous like that.

So here, with a For Him hantaran, we did a more masculine design. No doubt, our clients love our fresh floral arrangements, but used inappropriately, the type and colour of the flowers may negate the mood and purpose of the presentation. So after meeting up with them and understanding their preferences, I suggested using only dashes of purplish light pink and white hydrangea instead of having the whole hantaran in white and purple ...since most of the items come in black, brown and maroon anyway. Then to add in more dashes of purple to the design, we added in personalised tags in that shade...amidst the maroon velvet ribbon, champaigne velvet covers, black roman vases and green masculine pine leaves. We've never seen hantarans with personalised tags before, but the idea was welcomed by Fiza. So we're glad for that. Let's see if our idea catches on.


Wishing Khairul Anwar & Norhafizah a blessed life together.

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