Sunday, 20 June 2010

Of food styling, dessert isles and pedestals

Great food stylists firmly believe that food should look (and of course, taste) like it's meant to be eaten...not too overly manicured, coloured, dressed or composed. That is to say, when creating a dessert isle, high tea buffet etc, the main focus should be on the food itself.

That’s why Mariah & Sham always takes the approach of working the décor around the food, and not the other way around. Beauty should always have a soul.

While some treats can be styled, we are always wary of overworking them. We believe good buffets normally have a spread of suitable and enjoyable food that are presented as they are, but complemented gorgeously with the right accessories and décor. This way, one can have a non-intimidating, visually stunning buffet and yet actually enjoy eating off it!

Our use of cupcake wrappers and toppers is just one simple testimony to our belief. We try keeping the cupcakes uncomplicated so they’ll be much easier and nicer to eat…and we dress them up with gorgeous wrappers and toppers or place them on gorgeous stands or pack them up nicely, in order to blend them into any particular themes.

We also love using stands and decorative accents. Which is why, I’m totally in love with the vintage inspired handmade dessert pedestals created by the very talented Linda Smith from Burlap + Blue

She creates and sells the most unique and gorgeous pedestals! I've looked around for awhile, and I inexorably find hers to be very tastefully done! I was therefore delighted when she agreed to ship them to me all the way from the States. Thanx again Linda!!

I love the way she matches the pedestal colors with that of the plates, and the way she harmonizes the form, shape and texture of the plates with the complementing pedestals.

Anyone can fix a pedestal to a plate, but hey it takes a very keen eye for design to come up with tasteful ones. Her pedestals are simple yet stunning, and will make any treats look great.

Every piece of work seems very well thought of…and I know, after our enjoyable long chat on FB, why this is so…Her all-or-nothing attitude leaves no room for compromise. She gives her best to turn her vintage crafts into the best that they possibly can be – detailed, balanced and perfectly crafted - yet still exuding the warm genuine worn look that gives vintage its character. Great job Linda!!

Her dessert pedestals will be made available at Mariah & Sham Living’s soft launch, together with some other decorative elements and accents. So yes, if you share our passion for entertaining – and therefore sharing with family and friends - you will soon be able to own these lovelies and other décor pieces (cake stands, glass jars etc) to set up your own buffet table with!

Our cupcake wrappers will also be made available to shoppers (hint: not just online) really soon. So do look out for our announcement ;)

Meanwhile, here are some of Linda’s gorgeous works….

Linda's right! Who doesn't love polka dots?!

Love the colour!

Old English with a modern twist.

I love the blue-brown patterns on the plate - matched with the blue pedestal - which if you notice, is round and therefore harmonizes with the blue spirals. It just looks right and balanced!

Notice how she matches her glass plate with a glass pedestal?

Very mod indeed. A curved simple white plate on a sleek black pedestal.

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