Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Cupcake Toppers

Another way of cleverly dressing up delicious cupcakes is by using toppers! And I am delighted to introduce great new toppers designed and produced by Haz Workz. His design spans all 'genres' - from cool to elegant to masculine....cos really, cupcakes dont always have to just be cute and pretty!

He is collaborating with Mariah & Sham to produce designs which are complementary to our isle themes and such...but should you visit his blog, you'll be able to place topper orders for your own cupcakes or even muffins for that matter. By the way, he is also a personalised stationery yup you can order those too....

So anyway, you can bake your own cupcakes or muffins, spread some nutella (or icing - for the more initiated ones :)) and add some toppers (with our matching cupcake wrappers, perhaps) for a great and fuss free presentation. Just be sure to harmonize the whole "look" though. That's the fun part!

This way, you can have your delicious cakes and eat'em too...

Elegant Monogram

Cool design!

Funky and cheerful!

Looking chic in stripes and monogram.

                                                           Fairy princesses for the princess!

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