Saturday, 13 November 2010

Feature : Landscape paintings

    Introducing paintings by Jennifer Young.
    Vibrant and authentic, her works normally involve landscape drawings and paintings.

Now while I love the European countrysides, I normally enjoy visiting them more than looking at them off paintings. But these 2 paintings by Jennifer really captured my attention. She managed to "feel' her surroundings and bring forth her experiences and interpretations onto her canvas. I felt almost as if I was there. Just loving the details!

landscape painting southern france by Jennifer Young
Southern France
Notice how she uses her colours fearlessly, to accentuate the tracks. The strokes were deliberate, as if trying to draw attention to the "beaten path"...a sign that there is "life" and probably plenty of activities too in that seemingly remote village.

French landscape painting by Jennifer Young
Landscape painting
Looking at this painting, I can almost feel the light breeze. Notice how everything else seemed still and quiet, save for the few lightly swaying vines which she marvelously captured, again with her deliberate strokes.

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