Friday, 5 November 2010

Time to blow our trumpets?

Of late, we've been nudged by friends and fans alike, to have our biz advertised and promoted. I so can understand the necessity, especially cos most of our works have been under recognized and under marketed.

But the thing is, our biz is really a hobby for us, in every sense of the word. Inadvertently however, we have been pulled into the playing field, and now expectations are mounting.

All this while, we have only been leveraging solely off our blog, FB and word-of-mouth for publicity, and we have been politely putting off interviews and publicity offers for fear of not being able to meet demands for our services and products. It was supposed to keep our orders under control. Despite that control however, our orders are beyond us now...

Yup so maybe we now have to consider investing in this business and actually run it like a real business?...complete with marketing strategies (that word makes me giddy) and all. That way, we can meet precious demands.

We also want to be recognized for our passion....cos many a time, we have been out-smarted by the bigger players. Our works and ideas, no matter how original and fine, have also been dwarfed and out-marketed by the bigger fanfare these other players get to enjoy, from the marketing they have done and the reputation they have subsequently gained.

Alas, we shall not dwell on this cos we believe in moving on and improving for the better, but now at least we know that talent alone is not enough...

But if and when we finally decide to spread our wings, it will do us good to remember that contentment and true beauty lie within...and so we will continue playing the game with dignity and honour.

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