Saturday, 6 November 2010

New tentages by Mariah & Sham

We have a couple of Designer Isle projects coming up in 2011, and our clients wanted the same tentage concept we used for our previous Isles.

We'd love to do just that, but as always, we get easily bored....cos a tentage, spruced up, is just that. Where's the challenge, right? And because we love designing the fine details, we've decided to design and produce our own tentage. New concepts, new designs. In fact they are being designed from scratch in-house by us, and will be sewn by our chief seamstress a.k.a Mum.
And we're thinking whether a hexagonal one would be hot in demand. What say you?

I dreamt of having a tentage like this, as opposed to the dais concept, for my wedding (and that was 10 years ago), but hey I'll be just as happy doing it for others...

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